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Q.- How do I know I’m getting the best product?

A. The C. P. Films “Clear Distortion Free" (CDF) adhesive system is very different from other manufacturers products. It is water activated and forms a chemical bond with the glass, Instead of relying on a mechanical bond from the sticky or tacky nature of competitors products. This makes CDF much more stable, in fact there has never been a reported adhesive failure in the over thirty (30) years since it’s introduction.

Q. Will your film scratch on my windows?

A. The scratch resistant (SR) coating developed by C. P. Films in 1984 is regarded today to be superior in the window film industry. In fact it has been Tabor abrasion tested to the equivalent of triple “000” grade steel wool without leaving any visible scratches. While it is not indestructible, it will provide a lasting, durable surface that stands up to abrasion and cleaning for many years to come.

Q. The window manufacturer says the application of film to my windows will cause glass problems, and they will void my warranty. Is this true?

A. C.P. Films provides it’s dealers with a comprehensive film-to-glass recommendation chart, and we follow it. There are classes of films such as blackout, opaque, automotive, and some older generation reflective films that are unsafe because of too much heat absorption. Be sure  you are talking to a film dealer with the experience to recommend the proper film for your type of glass. Advanced Tinting Solutions brings over 27 years of service excellence to your project. There are very few companies  in our industry with this level of history in the business.

Q. What about the warranty?

A. All our solar control films have a lifetime-transferable warranty for residential applications, and most have a 15 year commercial warranty. They also come (at no charge) with a 5 year  thermal shock fracture  warranty and a 3 year seal failure. This is done in case you have a window with a hidden flaw that doesn’t show itself until the film is installed. You will be covered to replace the glass and for us to replace the film. There is also a supplemental warranty available that will match the window manufacturers warranty to it’s full term. There is a small per square foot charge for this coverage.

Q. Will the window film harm my houseplants?

A. In most cases no. The part of the sun’s spectrum that plants need for photosynthesis is not filtered by the film. Many customers tell us that their plants did much better after the film was installed, by protecting them from overexposure to heat and light.

Q. Will the film look dark or shiny?

A. Yes and no. Yes, there are films that are dark and/or reflective for specific purposes, and no not all films are designed this way. With advances in manufacturing  technology in the last ten years, the option of  having an energy efficient film with little color that is invisible on the glass is now available.

Q. I’ve heard there are special cleaners needed, is this true?

A. No. Because of C.P. Films proprietary adhesive (CDF), you may use your usual cleaning solution, vinegar, alcohol, mild detergent, or common “ blue” glass cleaners. Use a clean squeegee, cotton cloth, or quality paper towel. If you prefer to hire a professional window cleaner, we have companies in your area that are familiar with our films. We would be happy to recommend one for you.

Q. I have window coverings on most of my windows so I don’t need film on them, do I?

A. Two part--- 1. Once heat passes thru glass it’s in your home, with or without shades. Also the shade itself becomes very warm, heating the air around the window.  2. On cloudy days you normally have your shades open to allow more light in your home. Clouds don’t filter UV light and only some of solar heat. With film you are protected when shades are open or closed.

Q. Are there any medical benefits to using solar control film?

A. Two part-- 1. While we are careful not to make any medical claims about our films, individuals with diseases which are exacerbated  by exposure to UV radiation, may find the use of solar control films to be of profound value.  2. With plastic and other composite building materials becoming popular in construction of many homes today, and how tight homes are wrapped to keep heat inside during winter and outside during summer, we have created indoor air quality issues. When sunlight strikes these materials and temperatures rise, a condition called outgassing occurs. Invisible toxic fumes are released into the air inside the home, possibly causing  an unhealthy situation for your family. With film we can reduce temperatures and sun damage from UV rays on these materials.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Different film lines have different price points. These can be affected by material waste, excessive precleaning needs, height and difficulty to reach windows, or special equipment. While we will rarely be the cheapest, our installations have great value based on superior experience, film quality, and customer service excellence.


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